We all know how much mess and disruption home improvements can cause. We know it will be worth it in the end but sometimes there’s a lot of pain to go through to get there. Tim and I know more than most because we bought an old cottage that needed everything doing to it. There won’t be any prizes for guessing how we kept our stuff safe and sound whilst our home was pulled apart. That’s right….we kept it in one of our secure spacious containers.

20ft Container on Mrs G's Drive

If you are planning home improvements, take a look at my blog post from last August to find out how Mrs G kept everything to hand but safe and secure whilst she had new flooring fitted throughout the ground floor of her house. Container Team delivered a smart, green 20ft container which she kept on the drive of her house. It gave her the storage capacity of a single garage and meant she could pack everything up at her leisure and keep it to hand should she discover she needed it. She was delighted with the service she received and all for a fraction of the price of warehouse storage.

Tim demonstrating how big a 6ft container is.

Tim inside a 6ft


Our containers start at 6’ x 6’ if you haven’t got much space or much stuff to store. If you haven’t got space for a container at your place, we’ll look after your stuff at our place. We have a self store facility in Weston-super-Mare providing low cost storage with easy access. No messing about with trolleys and lifts, just back your van right up to the door of your unit and unload. We even have labour and forklifts available to help with heavy or awkward loads and you won’t get the same amount of storage at our prices anywhere else in town.

We pride ourselves on our friendly customer service so just give Phil or Simon a ring on 01934 781028 to find out more about using containers during home improvements.