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20 ft and 40 ft Storage Containers to Hire or Buy Bristol or Weston

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Standard Containers

20 foot Storage Containers

20ft Storage Container Dimensions: 20ft x 8ft 6″ x 8ft

This is by the far the most popular size of storage container and the one most people recognise. A 20ft storage container offers a similar storage capacity to a single garage. It is 8ft high which is about the height of a football goal.

This container is the ideal size for storing the contents of an average three bedroomed house or ten pallets. A taller version, known as a hi-cube, is available which is 9 ft 6” high, useful if you have something really big to store.

We can also provide a variety of shelving systems for your steel container so you can make the most of the storage space available.

You could also take a look at Hazel’s blog post with top tips on packing things into your container.

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40ft Storage Container

40ft Storage Container dimensions: 40ft x 8ft 6″ x 8ft

Now these are huge containers! A 40ft storage container offers double the storage capacity of a 20ft. Think of it as an extra double-length garage. The good news is you get twice the storage without twice the cost and we can provide units 8’6” or 9’6″ high. You’ll need approx 9ft by 45ft outdoor floor space to house a 40ft container.

Our containers are completely watertight and very secure, store anything from furniture, vehicles, machinery, product stock – anything you want!

We can deliver our containers to anywhere in the UK and have many modification options depending on what you want to use a container for. Have a look at our modified containers page for more information.

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