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What is self storage?
Self storage is a flexible service offering do-it-yourself storage for business and domestic customers. We provide clean, dry storage units to which you have unlimited, free access during our opening hours. We can arrange to open up at other times by appointment if that suits you better. Your storage unit is locked with a high security padlock that only you have the keys for, ensuring you are the only person with access to your goods. Click here to find out how self storage in our containers compares to other forms of self storage.

What can I store?
You can store almost anything in your unit. The only exceptions are:

  • Living items such as animals and birds
  • Unauthorised items such as firearms etc
  • Hazardous materials such as explosives and flammable liquids
  • Items that could decompose such as foodstuffs

For a more comprehensive guide to what you can and cannot store, please refer to our container-team-conditions-of self-storage-1

Can I see a unit before I hire it?
Yes, people can visit our facility to see the units prior to hiring one. Just call in and see us during our opening hours or call Sarah on 01934 245013 to book a visit.

How often can I have access to my goods?
You have unlimited access to your goods 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What are your office hours?
We are open from 0800 until 1730 Monday to Friday and Saturday 0830 to 1230.

What size units do you have available?
Our standard size is a 20x8ft (160 sq ft) container which is about the size of a single garage. We have larger and smaller units too ranging from 35 to 320 sq ft.

What size unit do I require?
A 160sq ft unit will accommodate the contents of an average 3 bedroom house. For more information click here for a guide to which size you will need. If you need further help then ring us for a chat or fill out a Get a Quick Quote

How do I book my storage unit?
Simply give us a call on 01934 245013 or fill out a so we can ensure we have a suitable unit available for you whether it’s short notice or if you are planning ahead.

Can you receive deliveries on my behalf?
If you are happy to leave a key with us we can receive deliveries and put them in your unit. Have a look at Hazel’s blog post for more information.

Is there a fork lift available on site?
We have a fork lift and qualified drivers available at all times.

What paperwork is required?
All we need is for you to sign a simple agreement and provide us with a manifest of things that are being stored and their values for insurance purposes.

What are your payment methods?
You get a discounted rate if you pay by direct debit. We find that it’s the simplest way for our customers to pay the bill each month and it reduces our admin and therefore our costs. However we do also accept payment by bank transfer, cash, cheque or credit and debit card (which can be taken over the phone).

What is the best way to pack my unit?
Place heavy and large items on the bottom and stack lighter boxes etc on top. Remember to leave things you may require at the front of the unit for easy access. Remember not to keep important documents such as passports in your unit. Hazel has written a blog post about packing a storage container too which hopefully you will find helpful.

Are there any things I should bear in mind before moving into my unit?
Ensure all washing machine and dishwashers are drained of water and that fridges and freezers are defrosted. Any moisture entering your unit could be a source of condensation, water damage and mould.

If storing items with a fuel tank (lawn mowers, strimmers etc) ensure fuel is completely drained before storing.

Breakables should be wrapped in bubble wrap to protect them.

Who uses self storage and what for?
Removal companies and people moving house, temporary storage for furniture during house renovations; builders, carpenters and other tradesmen; maintenance engineers; excess stock storage for businesses; magazine distributors; internet traders; car and motorcycle enthusiasts; long term storage for people working abroad; archive storage; hotels and guest houses storing unused furniture. If your use isn’t listed here, give us a call on 01934 245013  or email [email protected] and we’ll add it!

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