Why Container Storage

Why Use Containers for Storage

Why Container Storage

Containers are purpose built for storage and offer so many advantages over other forms of storage that we thought we’d list them all out for you to make it easier.

  • A container offers a simple cost-effective solution to your storage problems either short or long term.
  • Containers come in a huge range of sizes from a 6’ x 6’ cube to a 40’ x 8’ which offers a massive storage space. Units up to 9’6” high are available.
  • The containers we use are all made from corten steel which has superior corrosion resistance than regular steel ensuring a long service life.
  • A container offers storage space which is virtually vandal proof and our hire fleet are all fitted with a high security locking system. Most sales units have these too but if not we can fit one for you.
  • Accessibility. Storage in our secure units gives you the ability to unload from your vehicle directly into your unit which is so much easier than wheeling your things through a large warehouse.
  • Containers are wind and weather proof and rodent proof.
  • A container is a portable structure so doesn’t generally require planning consent.
  • Hiring or buying a container is an easy way of having more secure storage space available to you at your location or in our depot.
  • A total extra secure storage volume of up to 2880cubic feet or 85cubic meters
  • We can paint the outside to the colour of your choice to improve the aesthetics if that is important to you or your location

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