Storage at your Place

Container Storage at your home or business

Storage at your place

Not many self storage companies can offer you this option, but have you thought about storage at your place?

You don’t have to bring everything down to our depot, if you’ve got somewhere like your drive where you can put a container, we could bring one out to you which means you can keep everything handy. You don’t have to have a huge 20ft container if you don’t need one, we have a large range of sizes starting from 6ft x 6ft. It’s a simple, cost-effective on-site storage solution which could work out much cheaper and much more convenient than self storage.

Container Team On Site Storage – Case Study

Mrs G was planning a major refurbishment of her house so she would need all her furniture out of the way for at least a couple of months yet she wanted to be sure her things were safe and accessible. Mrs G felt that her furniture and belongings would be safer locked away securely in a storage container on her drive, than in a storage facility.

Container Team provided a rapid service and secure solution.

Storage at your Place

Mrs G got on the phone and rang around some container companies. In her own words: “Container Team beat the other container companies hands down on pricing” and “Phil was absolutely brilliant!” She came in to see us and a site survey was undertaken that day. When the unit was delivered “the driver was a dream”. By her own admission it was a bit of a tricky space, but he placed the container exactly where she wanted it and “could not have been more helpful”.

Once the container was on site, everything could be wrapped and packed inside at her leisure and she didn’t have to hire a van to move things to a storage facility. Once inside the container she could put things where she wanted them and, of course, when she realised she needed something she hadn’t thought she would, she only had to step outside her front door to get it.
In Mrs G’s own words again, Container Team provided a “…cheap, safe and convenient way of storing furniture during a major house renovation”

On Site Storage

So, if like Mrs G, you think on-site storage is for you, call us today on 01934 245029 for a chat about how we could help. Alternatively you could complete the enquiry form at the top of the page or email [email protected] and he’ll get back to you as soon as he can.

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Storage at your place
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