During the summer of 2017 we were contact by a company on behalf of Costa Coffee asking if we could assist them with their new project to provide extra storage at the 240 Costa Drive-Though they are building over the next 5 years.

Costa provide a range of different coffees and snacks and are located across the United Kingdom in town/city centres, retail parks, service stations and many more places.

As each new drive-through was being built on a small plot of land space was limited for the store, so each location required a personalised container to be used by the company staff. The containers where to be used to store the coffee cups, cutlery and any extra stock that they may need to order in.

Working with the building team so we provided a container that would best fit the locations space ensuring it don’t take up too much room and had easy access for staff members. We’ve provided 10, 8 and 6 foot containers to various sites.

All the containers we provided were new container, and as per the customers requirement we painted them in Costa red so that fitted in the surroundings they were being delivered to and matched Costa branding on the new coffee shop. We arranged with their onsite team to deliver each container when it suited them, and this was done around their build schedule. Once the container has been delivered Costa are then able to apply their branding logos to the container and it then is ready to fulfil its purpose.

So far, we’ve provided and delivered over 40 red Costa containers from locations in Southampton and as far north as Inverness, and there is more being delivered each day.

If you have a project, we can help, so get in touch with our sales team, the possibilities are endless.