We’re feeling a bit festive here at The Space Program!

With the big day coming up fast, it made us think… Where is the best place to hide Christmas presents from prying eyes?

Do you try putting them under the bed, maybe the cupboard under the stairs or even (if you’re really brave) somewhere completely in line of sight but disguised well.

We have a lot of customers here who say our containers are perfect to store their Christmas presents in the run up to the big day. Our units are damp-free, secure and the contents are insured up to ¬£20,000. So if you’re running low on space to store all the prezzies you’ve bought, or maybe you just don’t want them to be found- we have the perfect solution!

With units from small garden sheds right up to double garage size- we have you more than covered for all the presents you need to store.

You may need to store them with us right up until Christmas, and this is completely fine. With 24/7 access you can rock up on Christmas Eve to pick up your parcels and take them straight home to put under the tree ready for Christmas morning!

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