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What is a HIAB lorry?

A HIAB lorry has an inbuilt crane which is used to lift the container off the lorry and move it into position. Check out this video:

I am unsure whether the lorry will be able to deliver to me. Can you check first?
If you are at all unsure, we can always come and do a site survey to check whether delivery is possible.

I want my container sited under an overhead cable is this possible?
Sites should always be checked for overhead cables. If the cables are more than 12m high it is possible for the HIAB to operate underneath them. If they are lower than this, the delivery will be a bit more complicated so give Pete a ring on 01934 245027 to talk it through.

How large will the delivery HIAB lorry be?
20ft containers are delivered on a six wheel rigid lorry which is 10m long and 2.7m wide. 40ft containers are delivered on an articulated lorry which is 18m long and 2.7m wide. If space is tight, please let us know so that we can be sure you get the best vehicle for the job.

There is no road access to where I want my container. Does this mean it cannot be delivered?
We can use large cranes to lift units over buildings, Telehandlers to cross rough terrain and skates to move units into low buildings. Lack of access doesn’t necessarily mean we can’t deliver a container to you. Give Pete or Simon a call on 01934 245027 and they will be happy to talk about how we can help.

Will the lorry drive off road across fields etc?
HIAB lorries will generally not leave hard standing, but in some situations, with prior consultation, lorries may be able to do this, for example they may be able to travel over a hard, level playing field in the middle of summer.

I have underground cables or pipelines in the delivery area, will this affect the delivery? Please notify us if there are any underground pipes or cables and we will try to arrange the delivery so they are not disturbed.

Can a container be lifted over a wall from the road?
It is possible to drop a container over a wall provided the wall is not too high, but you need to ensure that the parking space required is free and, ideally, coned off the night before. We cannot block busy roads to make a delivery.

Are you able to give an accurate delivery time?
We do whatever we can to ensure that your container is delivered when you require it, but because we are reliant on British roads and the lorry having been unloaded promptly at its previous job, we cannot guarantee delivery times. Asking to be the first job of the day is your best chance of getting your container delivered at a specified time.

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