Why Use Containers

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Why Use Containers?

You’ve managed this long without one – right? Why would you need one now?

Storage containers for schools provide secure, low cost storage for schools.

They are amazingly versatile too. Our containers are being used by schools throughout the country to solve all kinds of storage issues from keeping play equipment accessible to keeping groundsmen’s equipment both secure and conveniently located on the playing fields. Click the links at the bottom of the page for some examples and case studies.

We can also modify the container to suit your school’s specific requirements. For example we can:

  • Add shuttered windows
  • Add personnel doors
  • Add fixed shelving
  • Add insulation
  • Add heating
  • Add lighting

We can even manufacture a container to your required length and paint it in a huge range of colours. We could even paint it ANY COLOUR you like to fit in with your school colours or it could be used as a canvas for a mural.

Any questions? Just call one of our storage for schools experts for a chat on our schools helpline 01934 245034, fill out our enquiry form or email [email protected]

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