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Refrigeration Storage Services

What type and size of units can we hire?
We have containers which can be used as refrigerated units and these are either 20 or 40 feet long by 8ft wide and 8ft 6in high. These require a delivery with a HIAB lorry. Some of our 20ft units can be operated by a standard 240V supply and others by 440V 32A 3 phase fitted with a C or, preferably, D motor rated breaker. All 40ft units require a 3 phase supply.

We also have smaller refrigeration units which are trailers 10ft long by 6ft wide by 7ft high. They can be delivered by a car or 4×4 and run either from a standard 240V supply or from a generator. Please see our sister company website for more information about these or give Simon a ring on 01934 781040.

I do not have a power supply, is it possible to run the refrigeration units from a generator? Yes, you can run the 240V refrigerated units from a suitable generator.

What temperature will the units maintain?
A refrigerated container is capable of operating at temperatures as low as -25°C. Some units are also capable of operation above ambient temperature.

Our refrigerated trailers operate as chillers and freezers. A chill trailer will go as low as 0°C and a freezer as low as -20°C. When ordering refrigerated trailers please inform us if you want chill or freeze capabilities so we can send you the right one.

How long is the electrical cable?
The cable on both types of unit is 10m long.

What sort of plug will my refrigerated unit have?
Refrigerated containers will have a 5pin 32A plug. However, if your power supply has a 4 pin plug, please let us know and we will make sure it is changed before we send it out to you.

Refrigerated trailers have a blue 16A 240V plug. We supply an adaptor which converts it to a standard domestic 13A plug if you need one.

Do I have to think about anything when positioning the refrigerated unit?
You need to leave a 1m gap behind the unit to enable the air to move freely round the refrigeration unit so that the chiller can operate properly. You also need the leave a 1.5m space at the front of the unit to allow the doors to be opened.

What can I do to ensure trouble free operation?
Ensure the unit is loaded correctly to ensure correct air circulation (see below). Ensure door openings are kept to a minimum. If the door is left open for long periods of time, ice can build up around the machinery and eventually lead to machinery failure.

How do I load my refrigeration unit?
Space needs to be left around the cargo to ensure the cold air can circulate. It is best to place your products on pallets or slated shelves so that the air can get underneath it. A space should also be left between the top of the cargo and the ceiling to aid circulation.

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