Where do we store all our “stuff”?

According to an article in the Guardian, we build the tiniest new houses in Europe, but it’s more storage and living space that people desperately want. Why are houses in Britain so small?

It goes on to say that a report by Riba and Ipsos Mori found “long- and short-term storage space” – for everyday items – ironing boards, vacuum cleaners and bed linen, as well as seasonal or nostalgic possessions such as Christmas decorations or wedding dresses and other paraphernalia – was one of the features people most wanted in their home. However. it’s something that seems to be in short supply for many of us. One story brings the situation into sharp relief – according to the Guardian,  a couple from Liverpool were so short of space they kept their vacuum cleaner at their mother’s house, a good 20-minute drive away. Modern homes especially are built with so little storage space, and we build the smallest new homes in Europe – why is that?

The article says that it’s because builders make more money that way – maybe it’s also down to the fact that we are the only EU country that doesn’t have minimum-space standards for the homes we live in. Stats from a 2009 CABE report show that 58% of the occupants of new homes said there was not enough space for their furniture – 69% said there was not enough room for all of their possessions either.

Another 37% said they or their children couldn’t entertain guests in separate rooms – living conditions are sounding pretty cramped!

How do you sort your storage problems? Have you considered using off site storage or your own lock up storage containers?