There are two types of containerised self storage which can be easily confused.

The first kind is wooden storage containers.  These are used by removal companies to store furniture for people between houses.  A removal lorry with empty crates is brought to your home. Your furniture is loaded directly into the crates on-site. The crates are then taken back to the warehouse where they are off loaded and put into storage in the warehouse.

Access to your goods is possible but only by prior arrangement and at usually a cost.

This kind of storage is perfect if you want to store your goods medium to long term and don’t need access to them. If you want to store your stuff whilst you are going off travelling, this could be the storage for you. Just make sure that it is competitively priced.

The second kind is steel storage containers. These are laid out in rows in self storage locations.

They are usually at ground level although some facilities have an upper tier. These are usually at a discounted rate, for people who don’t need to access their stuff very often.

These storage sites are usually accessible outside of working hours – often 24 hours a day. For security reasons, access to the site will be controlled. Once in, you can drive straight up to your unit and unload directly into it. You don’t need to use trollies and lifts to move your things around. There is usually no restriction on the number of times you can come and go from your unit and there is usually no charge.

Self Store row

Steel storage containers can all seem very much alike, so here are some points to consider when choosing a storage facility.

✅         Make sure that the unit is wind and weathertight and that there is no trace of dampness in the unit.

✅         Make sure the aisles are wide enough so that you can drive past someone. This way you won’t get stuck behind anyone and have to wait for them to finish unloading before you can leave.

✅         Do they offer services which might be useful to you such as receiving parcels?

✅         Are they members of the Self Storage Association UK which sets high professional standards?

✅         Make sure you are comparing like for like when comparing pricing. Are there any extras to pay such as insurance, padlocks and out of hours access?

✅         Are they a friendly bunch with free tea, coffee and biscuits on hand?

If you’re looking into self storage for the first time, we know it can be a bit confusing. We’re always on hand to help with any questions you may have.