Modified Shipping container

Buying a shipping container

Do you need extra storage space but don’t have room? If you are thinking of buying a shipping container, here are the questions that you need to ask and the things you need to know. These should make your purchase of a shipping container hassle free.

What size shipping container do I need to buy?

What are you looking to store? Once you know what you are going to use it for then you can decide the best size for your needs.

A 20ft storage container offers a similar storage capacity to a single garage. It is 8’6” high which is about the height of a football goal. This container is the ideal size for storing the contents of an average three bedroomed house or ten pallets.

A 40ft storage container offers double the storage capacity of a 20ft. Think of it as an extra double-length garage.

How much space do I need for my shipping container?

Check the access to your site. A container can be delivered almost anywhere – but you don’t want to chop it into strips like the owner in George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces!

Once access is decided, see how much space that you have. You’ll need approx 9ft by 45ft outdoor floor space to house a 40ft container, 9ft by 25 ft for a 20 foot container.

The site will not need much special preparation for your shipping container – just ensure that the area underneath the container is flat, affording enough space that the doors can open freely.

Can I modify my shipping container?

A shipping container is easily modified to meet all your requirements. The basic modification, if you are looking for extra security, is to fit a box over your padlock.

If you are looking for more than storage, you can modify your shipping container to your requirements. Shipping containers can be modified to add windows or side doors. Your container can be modified into an office, an outdoor room – wherever your imagination takes you.

Looking for a shipping container

All of the steel storage containers available from Container Team are made from Corten steel which has superior corrosion resistance compared to regular steel and ensures a long service life, so you can rest assured your property will be safe and sound.