Well 2015 is almost over, its gone rather fast hasn’t it! Just think 50 weeks ago we where celebrating the new year and everything the year would bring. So how was the 2015 for you?

At Container Team its been one of change, but all for the better. We’ve said goodbye to 5 employees and welcome Kim, Tracy and Sean to our family. Everyone settled into our new surrounds and office on Westland Distribution park as our old site has been demolished by the bulldozers to make way for the new Housing project in Weston-super-Mare after our manic move back in October 2014. Our Self-Storage fleet in Weston has grown from 80 containers to over 130 units of which most are full, and we are forever putting new containers on the site. Our Avonmouth depot has also increased from 50 units to over 90 containers and 90% of these are occupied. Our hire fleet has also grown considerably and more and more people are seeing the truth worth of hiring a container.

Looking back at 1st January no-one could of predicted how well this year has gone for Container Team and as we embark on 2016 its hard to predict what will happen but a gauarentee is that we will continue to provide you with the extra storage you require with serivce that’s out of this world.

We hope all our customer and (future customers) have had a wonderful 2015 and here’s to an even better 2016.