Claim your Space Voucher today by calling 01934 245036

Watch the video to find out how you can store and save

We created the Weston Space Program to help homes and businesses in Weston and the surrounding area with secure & affordable storage solutions. Our sites use recycled shipping containers in a range of available sizes and offer the following benefits:

  • Secure storage space of all sizes for home and business
  • Ground level access to your container
  • The cheapest prices in town
  • 24 hour access to your storage space
  • Insurance always included in the price

Claim your Space Voucher today by calling 01934 245036

Terms & Conditions

  • Your voucher must be sealed inside the envelope when you come and see us - no cheating!
  • The voucher is fully transferable. You can give it to someone else who needs help - or get another one for them
  • There are some conditions to the insurance which we'll explain when you come to see us.
  • The offer is only valid for new contracts

Congratulations! You are a lucky recipient of a guaranteed saving on your storage unit


Your envelope contains a voucher which will give you up to 100% off your first 8 week’s storage but it’s really important that you bring the envelope in UNOPENED.

How do I claim my discount?


All you need to do is bring your envelope with you when you come in to see us. We’ll open it together and see what your discount is but don’t worry, you’re guaranteed to save at least 25%.

What if I don’t need storage right now?


If you don’t need extra storage right now, the chances are you know someone who does. That could be:

  • A local tradesman who’d love to move their tools and materials out of their house.
  • A friend who doesn’t have enough secure storage for their bikes, windsurfer or jet ski.
  • A local business that’s cluttered and bursting at the seams. Maybe you even work somewhere like that!
  • An eBay Trader who needs somewhere else to store their stock.
  • Someone who is fed up with waiting in for deliveries.
  • A charity that needs occasional storage when they get extra donations.

If you know someone that could do with some more storage, just pass your envelope onto them. The voucher is fully transferable and we’ll honour the discount whoever brings it in to us.

There are lots of people in Weston who need extra space, and the Weston Space Program is here to help!

Just call us on 01934 245037 if we can help in any way.