A business owner can utilise shipping containers to help expand their business. Shipping containers are ideal for entrepreneurs who are using the lean start up philosophy to expand an existing business or start a new business. Containers offer the business owner the opportunity for office space, storage space, workshop space or even a shop without the expense or long term commitment of a property lease. Containerised units have the advantage they don’t generally need planning permission as they are temporary structures. They can also be picked up and moved if necessary.

Mobile Offices

Finding affordable office space can be challenging especially if renting expenses do not align with your tight budget. Shipping container offices will benefit your business if you looking to maximise profit from day one. Renting an office is costly Shipping container offices can be customised so they mimic traditional office spaces. They are a great way to expand your business into new areas.

Office container

Containerised Office


Shipping container workshops are ideal to expand workshop space, they are flexible, durable, and weatherproof. Some popular workshop modifications include personnel doors, windows, skylights, flooring, wall partition, vents, insulation, workbenches, electrical packages, and shelving.

Workshop container


Portability is one of the most appealing features of shipping container shops. Shipping containers are mobile and when the time comes to vacate the space, you won’t lose your business as well. You can simply take your unit to a new location and set up shop again


shop container conversionSo if you’re thinking about starting or expanding your business. Before you commit to a long term lease or the expense of extending your premises or building a new premises. Think about using containers to help you reduce the cost of your business plans.

Pop up container shop