Modified Shipping Container


Modified shipping containers

People may say “How can you get so excited about containers, Container Team? What’s the attraction?” When we see all these new and exciting ways of using modified shipping containers, how could we not be excited?

Environmentally friendly containers

Starbucks recently launched an initiative to open more environmentally friendly coffee shops around the world. Of course this led them to look at modified shipping containers. After opening their first shipping container coffee shop in Tukwila, Washington, they have a completely different design for their second shipping container coffee shop.

Modified Shipping Container Design

The second coffee shop – smaller and just containing a drive through – goes one step further in reclamation. Not only is the shipping container repurposed, it is clad in local snow fencing, also reclaimed.

Using Modified Shipping Containers

Starbucks have shown that thinking about how these modified shipping containers are going to be used and how they fit in to their local landscape can pay dividends. People are talking and writing about their initiative. Starbucks are providing beautiful and useful modular buildings and showing how shipping containers can be used with great design and some imagination.

That’s why we get excited about shipping containers!