Secure Sign And Store

Local Businesses in Weston

Tradesmen – are you a local business in Weston? Have you started the New Year with plans and resolutions to make more money? If you are doing jobs and looking after customers, do you have time to drive to wholesalers or hang about waiting for deliveries? We guess that the answer is no, so we have a great service that can help you out.

No More Waiting About For Deliveries

No business can afford to block out four hours waiting for deliveries to turn up – and it can be even worse if the delivery van is late. Wouldn’t you rather be working and earning money in that time?

No More Driving To Wholesalers

When you are in the middle of a job, you want to finish it. Taking time away to drive to a wholesalers, pick up the goods or tools that you need adds hours on to a job – hours that may not have been factored in when drawing up your original costings.

One Service To Suit Local Tradesmen

With Secure Sign and Store, our full-service secure storage facility right here in Weston-super-Mare can accept and sign for your deliveries on your behalf while you’re out earning money.
We’ll put them straight into your secure container so they’re ready when you are
Don’t worry about parking either, simply back your van right up to your container, load your materials in and get right back to work

Our site has 24 hour security patrols for complete peace of mind and you have 24 hour access.
If you would like to know more about our Secure Sign And Store service please call Simon on 01934 781061. or email him on [email protected] for more details