You wouldn’t normally expect to describe shipping containers as modern, chic and innovative, except for when they appear on Grand Designs! An old blog post of ours delved into ideas of creative uses for containers which included them being used to make housing, but in our opinion architect and farmer Patrick Bradley has taken the idea to a whole new level.

grand designs shipping container home made from 4 shipping containers stacked up.

Picture courtesy Channel 4

So Patrick Bradley had some amazing land in the Country Derry countryside and a budget of £100,000, and he certainly let his architectural creative juices flowing when he imagined up his unusual home. When you think countryside you imagine, cute little cottages or rustic farm houses; so unsurprisingly the choice of building material wasn’t supported by many people, after all when you think shipping containers you would instantly imagine some sort of metallic eyesore, something that would be most out of place surrounded by fields, woodland, streams and sheep.

But amazingly the architectural horror that some people imagined never came about. Patrick Bradley managed to take something mundane and visually unappealing and create a master piece of a home which fitted perfectly with its surroundings, and certainly made the most of them from the inside. It is amazing what can be achieved when you use your imagination.

It wasn’t just the outside that proved a success; Patrick definitely demonstrated some great interior design skills as well by successful making the containers into spacious and sleek areas perfect for any family; although we are not sure whether a bath costing £16,500 was completely necessary.

At the end of things the overall result was very impressive and we would definitely recommend giving it a watch if you ever catch a rerun, check out the trailer here for a sneak peak of the finished result and of course some of the madness in between.

A Whole World of Shipping Container Homes

Patrick Bradley and his amazing home can’t be described as unique though, as we have been able to find a number of stunning homes that have been created using containers all with very distinct designs and flair. But just like the County Derry home, none are vulgar or seem out of place.

We must say containers are definitely a versatile material with constructions ranging from small guest houses, to beach homes and tree houses! The containers behave as ideal building blocks for architects, they can be stacked or slotted together in almost any configuration.

This amazing construction, The Caterpillar House which can be found in Chile, is not actually shaped like a caterpillar, but built on a hillside just outside Santiago. We love that it has been designed so that no electronic cooling system is required, all the cooling is done by the amazing, natural and cool mountain air which flows through the very modern home.

Now let’s go back to the tree house! We expect quite a few of you as children dreamed of having a tree house, with so many children in the movies having these fantastic tree houses to escape to and play we definitely wanted one of our own. But if that dream never came true as a child don’t despair you can do it now, just like Golany architects have done in Jerusalem. It may not be metres up in a tree but you can most certainly not tell anymore that this is a converted shipping container which is very impressive. This container has really become one with nature.

If you like to be outside but would much rather be right on the beach so that you can come straight out of your house and go for a swim in the ocean or sunbathe on the beach then maybe the Cormandel Beach House could be the place for you. We wish this was our holiday home! When you see the stunning view stretching from the New Zealand cost, it is breath-taking. And once again with the timber cladding concealing the steel structure it fits perfectly with the landscape, and with the addition of that fireplace we could spend the whole year there.

The final container house that we really fell in love with was this adorable guest house. We think this is a fantastic idea for people who regularly have guests and have plenty of space in the back garden. With endless flexibility when it comes to interior and exterior design, you can create a perfect little place for your guests; after all they don’t need masses of space or lots of amenities.

We have certainly been given plenty of inspiration now if we ever decide to convert some of our containers into homes. There are definitely no limits when it comes to shipping containers, you just have to let you imagination run wild and you never know a fantastic dream home could be on the way, and made of shipping containers who would have thought it!

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