Shipping Containers – Versatile Hotel Accommodation

Steel containers have many uses – office space, workshops, even TV studios. Here’s a new one that’s getting a lot of media attention – and no wonder.  Have you seen the container hotels?

What a great idea! Not everyone wants to rough it at festivals or outdoor events and with these container hotels it looks like you get the best of both worlds – you are close to the action but still have safe and secure accomodation.

Do you run or promote a festival or outdoor event? These could be a great way of expanding your market and attracting more attendees.  The rise of “glamping” as an option at many festivals – even those thought of as the more “rough and ready” party festivals – shows that people do want the whole festival experience without the risk of possibly being flooded out of their tent and the need to take a kayak! Also, with more people travelling with electronic and technical gadgets – even to a festival – the added security is definitely a bonus.

What do you think of this idea? Would you stay in a container hotel?