Seven things you must ask

Seven things you must ask no matter who you get your container from


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What’s inside the report… Tim, AKA The Boss, has heard so many stories from people who ended up getting much less than they bargained for when they bought a container.

He wanted to make sure people were armed with the information they needed to avoid the pitfalls with less scrupulous suppliers. By downloading this guide you will find out how to:

  • AVOID ending up with a shabby, leaky container which wasn’t in the brochure
  • AVOID costly problems with container delivery
  • MAKE SURE you get the storage that’s right for you

Sadly there are cowboy operators out there damaging the reputation of the industry but using this guide you’ll be armed with this information you need, whoever you buy your container from.

“When we were initially recommended to Container Team I was unsure if the quality of the containers would be good enough as we are storing soft furniture. However my fears were unfounded and the cleanliness and quality is superb.”

Peter Kitson, Managing Director, The Mobility Furniture Company