Hi I’m Rob.

I joined Container team in 2014 and was fast tracked to the role of Customer Service Champion.
I’ll be honest I didn’t fully understand the enormity of the role I had been given.
A lot of time and thinking later and I have a clearer vision of the role.
We have a set of values and a purpose.

Our purpose is:

To provide our customers with the space they need and with service that’s out of this world.

So we have recently launched a customer satisfaction survey called Net Promoter Score.
This works by asking customers to score us on how likely they would be to recommend our company to a friend or colleague, followed by any comments our customers wish to make.
The aim of the customer satisfaction survey is to find out how loyal our customers are to us. My role as customer service champion is to look into ways to improve overall customer satisfaction and to work to rectify any issues that arise.

I was really pleased with the results that have come in. According Survey Monkey ( the company we have chosen to host part of this for us ) a global bench mark would be a overall score of 32 or above.

Drum roll, we achieved a Net Promoter Score of 72 when we combined all our surveys.

Though I feel this is a great score there is always room for improvement, so I would welcome any comments / suggestions that you may have to help with our purpose. You can send these to:
[email protected]