When you say “Self-Storage” to someone they will usage think of archive boxes, or the television show from LA, which is true but only covers a small section of what is self-storage and how it can benefit you.

So, what is self-storage?

Self-storage is define in the dictionary as “a system whereby individuals rent containers or units of space within a large warehouse to store possessions” the truth is self-storage is the solution to a problem you don’t know actually exists at the moment. With homes getting smaller and people collecting more items were finding that everyone is becoming more crowd and were slowly being taken over. What self-storage offers is the chance to be free and have more space. The number one comment we hear from all our customer is “I can’t believe how much space I now have at home/work”, its a simple solution to a common problem.

C8161_Self Storage Blue Pic

What can I store?

Pretty much anything, the majority of our containers are used by people moving house who need a temporary solution whilst they move from one property to another. We also are used by small business you need the extra space for stock, or old records. A few of our containers are used by local residents who need the extra space in their home but don’t want to lose their possessions, we’ve even got a few stored with cars, tinned food, the local football team space football goals, clothes which are being collected and sent to Latvia, a giant sculpture! How only things we haven’t got stored is water, rats or explosives.

Ok, but what can I gain from it?

By using a container you can have extra home space at home, the garage could be used as a………garage, no need to trip over the Christmas decorations in July.  You can use the additional space to finally sort through that paperwork without it taking over the kitchen table. Your partner will stop nagging you about your tools always lying in the hallway, and it can help your business grow as you will have the extra capacity to store more stock, or have more room in the office to be organised.  and tidy.

And, what makes Container Team different from everyone else?

We are proud to be different, we offer insurance of up to £20,000 with our containers, we provide the padlock and key at no extra charge, you can drive right up to the container for easy loading/unloading and whenever you like as we are open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and no need to make an appointment to view your items as all our containers are on the ground. Our units come in a range of sizes, are clean/dry/tidy, anti-vandal with onsite security.


Now what?

Contact Container Team by picking up the phone, opening your email system, write a letter or get in the car and come to view our containers. We look forward to helping you!