The thorny question of condensation is one of the areas where containers get a really bad rap. We’d like to bust the Condensation Myth and explain the truth about condensation and container storage.

A common question we are asked “Do self storage containers get condensation?”. The answer is yes, BUT only if the items you place in the container are wet or contain water. If everything is dry then the answer is NO. Let me explain.

Weston Self Store Row

Containers are designed to go to sea. Millions of containers travel around the world carrying all kinds of cargo. They arrive at their destination in perfect condition even after being battered by high seas, wind and rain. This is the same for our self storage containers. They stand outside taking all that the British weather can throw at them. This is way less harsh than the salty marine environment.

All our self storage containers have specially designed air vents. They are designed to allow air to circulate but keep water out. You can be sure that your container will not let water in however hard it rains.

Condensation can only come from what is put into a container. If you put only dry things in your container, everything will stay perfectly dry. If you put wet clothes, garden furniture or a washing machine full of water in, you may experience condensation.

It also depends on how often you open your container and what the weather is like outside. If you keep the doors open for long periods and it’s raining, the water will get inside the container. Imagine leaving your front door open while it’s raining, your porch floor will soon be wet.

The condensation is caused by the sun heating up the container. Water will evaporate from the wet items. When the container cools, the moisture collects as water droplets on the inside of the container. The water can drip from the roof of the container onto the contents below.

The answer to avoid condensation is simple; don’t put anything wet into your unit. As long as you make sure everything is dry when it goes in, everything will stay dry whilst it’s in there. Also, when using the unit try not to keep the door open if it’s raining.

If storing damp items is unavoidable, we have measures to deal which condensation.

We can supply a moisture trap known as a Dampstick. They work by drawing all the moisture out of the air and storing in a sponge like product. This traps the water and stops it condensing and dripping. If the Dampstick becomes saturated, replacing them is simple.

I hope that’s put your mind at rest about the Condensation Myth. We’re always here to answer any further questions you might have.