When using self storage, you are trusting the company you choose to take care of your precious items. The security the company offers should be one of the most important factors in your decision. You need to find out about the security record of the company and the measures they have in place to secure your items.

How secure is the facility?

Before you decide where you are going to store your items, you need to check the location of the storage facility. You need to make sure the area or business park is safe and find out if the site has security patrols. On the storage site you need to check if the site is fully enclosed and how access is controlled. Can anyone walk onto the site at anytime of the day? Does the site have a gate or keycode to access?

You also need to check for security cameras. If there are some, are they monitored and recorded? If you will be using the site at out-of-hours, does it have lights? Would you feel safe being on site at night? You should also ask the storage company about their security record. Have they suffered any losses or any vandalism? What type of customers use their facility?

How secure are the units?

Before you take out the storage unit, you need to check out secure your individual unit will be. How easy would it be to break into the unit? Is there anything to stop someone tampering with the padlock? Are high security padlocks and keys provided?

Your self storage operator should be able to offer you 100% peace of mind that your items will be secure in their care.