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Derbyshire Schools: Replace Your Wooden Sheds

We’ve heard that schools in Derbyshire may need to re-think their storage and replace their wooden sheds. Reportedly, new guidelines will no longer allow a wooden storage shed within 30 metres of a building.

If this is a problem that is going to affect you, the good news is we can help. We supply steel storage containers but they aren’t all as huge as the 20ft containers you see out and about.

Take a look at the picture of our MD inside a 6ft storage container. It’s the size of a large shed but it’s more secure, weatherproof, virtually vandal proof and can be rented for only £12 per week.

Storage for schools

If you’d like some no-obligation free, honest advice from a company that has had years of experience supplying containers to schools and even has a website called Storage For Schools jam packed with useful information, then give us a call on 01934 781018.

Schools Storage Problems

We talk daily to teachers and headteachers about how they can quickly, easily and cost effectively overcome their storage problems and we’re sure we will be able to help.