Extra space for schools

Storage for Schools

Are you a school or college looking for low cost storage space to store all your equipment that’s built up over time? Whether it’s chairs & desks, PE equipment, books, science apparatus, playground equipment, things for the school fair, props for school plays or uniforms for the PTA sale, it all soon adds up. With space at a premium in many schools, why use up valuable space that you can use for classrooms and assembly areas on storage?

Containers for Schools

Many schools are now thinking differently – it’s a case of having to when it comes down to school budgets – and have turned to steel containers as a way of providing that extra space that they need. Containers can be fitted out to your exact specifications internally, and can be customised externally as you wish. We paint ours in school or club colours for our customers for instance, or you can even hand the decoration over to the children! We’ve also seen containers lagged with timber. If you can think of a use for a steel storage container, we can come up with ways to make a container unique to your school.

Schools – hiring or buying storage containers