Modified shipping container swimming pool

Possible uses for a shipping container

Thinking about buying or renting shipping containers? We enjoy highlighting all the possible uses you could have for a steel container. From standard storage or self storage, to homes and hotels, we’ve seen shipping containers being modified to match the imaginations of their users. Here’s three of the more unusual modified shipping containers that we’ve seen recently.

Shipping container swimming pool.

There are some great projects around the Internet showing modified shipping containers being turned into lap pools – with shipping container cabanas and changing rooms beside the pool too! It’s not as simple as digging a hole, putting a container in and filling with water (or else there’d be one beside The Container Team’s shipping container office!) but with some structural strengthening and planning, you can build the pool of your dreams!

Take The Badeschiff, a shipping container swimming pool gone large, floating on the River Spree in Berlin. The pool itself started as an art project involving regeneration of the East Harbour and is constructed from the hull of a ship and two shipping containers.

Shipping Container playground

Kids love exciting and adventurous play spaces, and this modified shipping container playground in Melbourne is certainly that. Designed by Phooey Architects to be a Fun-filled city park, the place has been adapted and decorated by the children themselves, with colourful murals added. The containers include balconies, porches, hiding spaces and plenty of places to play for the children.

Shipping container spa

You may not think that a modified shipping container can offer the touch of luxury that a spa requires, but you’d be wrong.

Rebar Group developed this pop-up spa for a San Franciscan start-up with impressive green credentials.

“Half of the water used in the tubs is harvested from rainwater, and all of the energy needs for the tub and sauna heat are provided by solar water heater and photovoltaic cells, allowing SOAK to return excess power to the electrical grid. Greywater from tubs, showers and sinks is processed in water garden cells and entirely infiltrated on-site.”

Uses for shipping containers

It is our firm belief that everyone could use a shipping container, they just don’t know how yet! These designs show that for many people, a shipping container could be a viable option for a useful, interesting and useable building in a whole array of situations.