One of the sad challenges of any school is to protect the premises, buildings and property from vandalism and theft. Schools can often be targeted by members of their own community as they may bear a grudge or are simply aware of the valuable equipment that is in there.

A couple of days ago, a school in Witney, experienced an attack of vandalism which left them unable to play their sports matches because their goal posts were trashed. The school shed was also broken into which has left pupils and staff saddened by the mindless acts of the vandals. You can read more on this story here.

What can be done to prevent these attacks?

CCTV and security lighting will deter thieves and vandals to a certain extent but they come at a cost. Secure, lockable outdoor storage that can be placed in the playground or playing fields will minimise the possibility of the equipment being accessed easily. Making sure that all the equipment is locked away each night will reduce the risks of attack.

As most schools are on a budget, finding the right storage solution at an affordable price can be a challenge. Using steel shipping containers is a solution that many schools have now chosen to keep their equipment safe.

What are the Benefits of Using Containers?

1. Affordable for Schools on a Tight Budget

green steel shipping container in a school playground used for storage. Container Team in Bristol

This school’s playground equipment is secure now for a very affordable cost. Containers can be rented or bought depending on what suits you.

2. No Construction Required!

green steel container in a school playground closed shut - Container Team Bristol

The beauty of this solution is that there is no assembly or construction required. The unit can be delivered to you within one week and be fully functional immediately. The neat and unimposing design will not damage the aesthetics of your grounds either.

3. Flexible Storage Solution

school storage container interior inside with shelving - Container Team Bristol

Shelving can be fitted inside the container to help you to organise the equipment you are storing. Any configuration can be designed to suit your requirements.

4. High Security

secure locking system on a steel shipping container to prevent theft

The locking device is extremely secure and hard wearing. Solid metal locks which are tamper proof giving you peace of mind over night and over the holidays when the school is empty for weeks. No more vulnerable sheds or out buildings which would be targeted by vandals and thieves.

5. Weather and Fire Proof

Fire and weather proof green shipping container in a school playing field used to store sports equipment

Containers are completely water tight and weather proof so there is no worry of damp ruining your equipment. As they are made of metal, containers are also arson proof! Arson is a common form of vandal attack on schools.

If you are interested in finding out more about containers as storage for your school, you can read more about our container storage solutions here. Alternatively give us a call to find out how we can help you with your school storage solutions on 01934 781034.