Using a Modified Shipping Container

We keep seeing new uses for modified shipping containers – and this is yet another one – a pop-up shop. Have you heard about a bakery in Suffolk using a modified shipping container?

Modified Containers as Pop-Up Shops

The use of pop-up shops has increased recently, with many start-ups looking to test the waters on trading and viability before signing long-term leases on city-centre shops or premises. The use of pop-up shops has also won backing from the Government Housing Minister. Even Harrods are getting in on the act!

Modifying a Steel Shipping Container

This is where modifying a steel shipping container comes in. They are ideal for use for businesses looking for a space to sell product. They are available in a range of sizes (20ft Containers and 40ft Containers are the most popular) and can be refurbished to exact specifications. Their versatility means they can be modified to suit any kind of pop-up; from a bakery to an art-gallery to a pet-grooming centre. The sky really is the limit!

They are easy to transport and need minimum set up or preparation to install on-site.

Have you noticed the increased popularity of pop-up shops and exhibitions recently? If you are opening one of your own, what do you think about using a modified shipping container as your base?