So, your premises are full and you’ve reached the conclusion you need to use self storage for your business. You haven’t decided which facility best suits your needs, you’re possibly torn between several facilities, weighing up what’s more important to your company. Cost or security?

Well, we’re here to say one of the most important things is the locality of the storage facility as well. Is the unit near to where you need it to be? If the answers yes then fine. If it’s a no but we can stretch because it’s cheaper, etc you need to think again because you’re making future problems for yourself. Locality is the most important factor, if you need to access the unit daily and it’s a 20minute drive away that’s 3.5 hours per week. As we know time is money that would add up to a whopping 182 hours a year or a mind boggling 4.5 weeks! There are some other crucial considerations which I’ll address below.

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Easy Access Secure Self Storage

Second to top of the list is reliability. What’s the point of using self storage if it’s not going to make your job easier? When it comes to keeping on top of everything, business-wise, being able to really relax because you know that your stock and equipment is completely safe, protected and insured, can be absolutely vital to keeping everything running smoothly. Great self storage offers high security, easy access to your stock or equipment and insurance for your possessions.

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Let’s not forget, security is a huge factor with self storage facilities. Plenty of facilities make use of specialist monitoring equipment, extensive lighting and security cameras as well as computer-operated gate access. This massively contributes to your peace of mind, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your stock or equipment is perfectly safe and looked after.

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If you were to aim to achieve similar levels of security in your own warehouse or storeroom, it would be very expensive. Decent levels of security aren’t cheap. Buying and installing monitoring equipment and setting up security cameras is a costly business. Simply making use of nearby self storage units makes much more sense and avoids this cost.

Self storage can save you a huge of money on space. If you run any kind of business, you’ll know the cost of storage space can be very costly. With self storage you aren’t required to sign a long lease and can take on extra units when you need them and drop them when you’ve finished with them. Thus giving you the flexibility to meet your needs.

Convenience shouldn’t be ignored either. Being able to get easy access is valuable. Ease of access is prioritised within the best self storage facilities. This can be especially useful to more time-sensitive businesses including things like sales and shipping.

Plenty of facilities offer twenty-four hour, computerised gate access to your stock or equipment, which can be highly useful and absolutely critical at key moments. This is another important reason why businesses need to utilise commercial self storage facilities.