I will probably be shouted at for mentioning that we are on the downward slope to Christmas given that everyone is walking around in shorts and flip flops but yes the Big day is slowing appearing on the horizon which means all the shops will soon be full of Santa’s, advent calendars and all those annoying Christmas Songs!


It also means that your customers will soon start their Christmas shopping and your probably already thinking or ordering your extra stock for the run up to Christmas and at Container Team we can help solve one of your headaches for this, where do I keep all this extra stock and keep it separate from my summer products?

The best answer to your storage problems is a Steel Container. We supply clean and tidy anti-vandal, weather tight and secure onsite storage, perfect to store and keep your extra stock in whilst giving you the peace of mind that it will be safe, dry and keep in the same condition as when placed in the container, and it won’t clog up your current stock rooms!

We offer these containers on short term (the 4 weeks before Christmas) or long term (from today to Christmas) hire, and providing we have the access place the container next to your store location. We also have a variety of sizes to suit your needs. So if you want to store 10 cuddly Santa’s or a 10,000 selection boxes we are the problem solvers.

8ft 10ft and 20ft

So get yourself prepare and ready for the mad Christmas rush by speaking to  our expert  sales team before everyone has the same idea and books all our stock.

Merry Christmas!