Shipping containers are extensively used in the shipping industry for transportation of cargo. However, just as viable they are in their area of operation, these have been known to be recycled and used in several creative ways.

A brief description of a few such converted shipping containers from across the world are mentioned below:

Shipping Container Homes: Using cargo containers to build spacious and large homes is yet another fantastic alternative that has been developing in the past decade.


Schools:  Poorer parts of the world where constructing a traditional building for schools can be expensive, have found using containers for classrooms has become a popular alternative.

Workshops: Lack of space at homes for work-related privacy has resulted in the trend of using inter-modal shipping containers as alternative workplaces.

Stores: State-of-the-art commercial establishments are the present-day trend. Pop up stores are also becoming increasingly popular.

Restaurants: Using reprocessed inter-modal containers as base structures for restaurants has become a very fashionable trend presently. Cargo have now opened their new eating drinking and shopping area at Wapping Wharf Bristol.