By the looks of things we now are gradually moving away from the chilly weather we had throughout January and February; Wouldn’t you agree that it is so lovely waking up to a nice sunny day (especially at the weekend)? Well if you are anything like us, as we start to see signs of Spring our budding green fingers are getting eager to start preparing and planting lovely vegetables and flowers.

So this made us think would it be possible to re-purpose a shipping container into a place to grow vegetables, fruit & plants, and the answer is yes! An American company, called CropBox, have done just that creating perfect growing systems within a shipping container which apparently use 90% less water and 80% less fertilizer than conventional agriculture does. This all sounds very good to us but at about $43,000 the price is a little steep, so we have been looking into what you can do to create your own garden in a box as well as the many benefits of it.

Why is a Garden in a Shipping Container a Good Idea?

The first benefit we thought it that they would be great for urban use. One thing that many city centre homes lack is space for a garden. For some people this may be a relief but for others you may be disappointed and might love being able to have the opportunity to be able grow your own vegetables or anything you may want; a shipping container can be an innovative solution for this.

Obviously shipping containers do have to be modified before they become suitable for growing anything but once this is complete the storage container will become its very own mini agricultural system which means that you will be able to produce your own local vegetables and fruit all year round, no longer will you have to depend on the varying English weather. And not only will you not be limited by the weather you won’t be limited by what you can choose to grow, because you can control the climate within the container you will be able to grow crops that usually require warmer climates.

Another benefit, which will definitely be of interest for anyone who loves to only eat organic food is that because you have complete control over the environment within the container this means that your plants or vegetables won’t be exposed to unwanted pests and diseases which often damage crops and lower overall yield for farming of many crops.

What do I need?

The re-purposing of shipping containers into gardens and mini farms seems to be a very popular and ever growing trend in the USA and of all the container gardens we found were using a hydroponic system. This will allow for plants to be grown with nutrients and water and without soil.

To create your own hydroponic system you will only need a few basic parts:

Growing Chamber or Tray – this is where the plant roots will be growing

Reservoir – this is the area that holds the nutrient solution

Submersible Pump – this will pump the nutrient solution and water from the reservoir to the growing chamber

Delivery system – this is basically just the plumbing that the nutrient solution and water travels through

Grow lights – artificial lighting which will be essential for a shipping container garden

Timer – because your system will require artificial lighting a timer system will control when the lights come on and off

Air pump – these will supply oxygen to the water and roots

Details of how to create your own hydroponic system can easily be accessed online and are relatively simple to follow, so as long as your don’t mind to put in a bit of hard graft in at the beginning then you definitely will be able to create your own container garden.

The Flexibility of Shipping Containers

We are finding more and more innovative uses for shipping containers, whether you want to use one to simply store items, or you want to re-purpose it, there are definitely endless possibilities to what a shipping container can be used for, we never imagined until now that we would be able to grow stuff in one, but we may have to give this a go now.

Whatever you storage container needs may be, you can contact our team today on 01934 245027 to discuss container hire or sale.