modified steel containers

Renovating an old shipping container

We talk about the benefits of renovating an old shipping container – but what exactly can you do? Here are just a few ideas to get you started on building an ideal space for you using a low cost space option.

Entry Doors for a steel container

You don’t have to use the cargo doors on a shipping container. We’ve seen standard doors, patio doors, even concertina doors that open the whole side up. You can customise your shipping container doors to give the right access for the look and feel that you want.

Windows for the modified container

You can have whatever design you would like for your windows, and you can also fit security shutters to them if that is what you would like. Whatever the design, it can be worked around and, in most cases, accomodated.

Flooring for a shipping container

We’ve seen wooden flooring, laminate, lino, vinyl – even a fake grass carpet (which looked fantastic!) Whatever flooring that fits in with your design can be used in a container.

Supplying electricity and telecoms to a modified shipping container

With many containers being refurbished to work as offices, homes and community spaces, this is not an issue. Power sockets, wireless broadband connectors , phone lines and lighting can all be installed in a container to your specifications. We use a container as an office here at Container Team (would you expect anything else!)

Modifying the exterior of a shipping container

We love containers, but even we can see that the industrial look might not be to everyone’s taste. You can keep it as it is, paint it, add cladding – let your imagination run free.

The Homebase TV ad featuring containers gives you a small idea of what can be done. Whether it’s for an office, gallery, city farm, shop or pub – or something that no-one has even tried before – modifying a shipping container can give you a truly individual space.