How big do I need

How big do I need

How big do I need?

Along with being asked about the benefits of container storage, “How big a container do I need?” is the question new customers most frequently ask. We know it’s difficult to imagine how much stuff will go into one of our storage containers, so we’ll try and help. If you have ever moved house though, you will know just how much can be packed into a removal lorry and our containers can be packed in exactly the same way. We’ll try to give you some guidance on this page, but if you are at all unsure, please just give us a ring on 01934 245027 for some friendly advice. Don’t worry, you won’t be a nuisance – we love talking about containers!

To give you some idea, we’ve shown you how two city cars fit easily inside one of our standard 20ft containers and yes, one of our container hire customers really does use containers for this. Most people want to store more everyday items such as furniture, lawnmowers and bikes so we’ve shown how these would fit in too.

A 20ft container will hold the contents of an average 3 bedroomed house. Internally it is about 20ft in length, 7ft 6 inches wide and 8ft high (about the same as a football goal). If you bear in mind that the storage capacity is about the same of a single garage you’ll get a good of just how much will fit in there.

A 40ft container provides a huge amount of storage space. Because it is twice as long as a 20ft, it’s like having an extra double length garage and the good news is it doesn’t cost twice as much, giving you extra value storage. You’ll need approx 9ft by 45ft outdoor floor space to house a 40ft container.

What size container do I need

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