Storage shipping container hire or buy


Delivering your shipping container for storage

If you are hiring or buying a shipping container for storage, or a modified shipping container, you may be wondering how a shipping container will be delivered.

We put together a short video to show you how the shipping container will be delivered. Using a HIAB crane, you can see how quickly it can be maneuvered into position.

Shipping container delivery

As you can see, if you have access for the crane, the delivery of a shipping container is very straightforward. If you are at all unsure, then you should ask for a site survey and a reputable steel storage container company will undertake that for you.

Access for shipping containers.

Some cranes are able to lift shipping containers over buildings, and there are special tracks to cover uneven terrain – even skates to place containers into buildings!

Electric cables overhead can be surveyed and a decision made as to whether or not a container can be sited underneath these.

The HIAB lorries may in some cases be able to travel over a hard, level playing field. With prior consultation & discussion, any access issues should be able to be overcome. You don’t want to have to slice your shipping container for delivery as we saw on Amazing Spaces when they transformed a shipping container!

Preparing the land for a shipping container

If you are preparing the land for the arrival of your shipping container, this is also easy.

Shipping containers are as hassle free as they are almost maintenance free. A long as the site is flat (for the easy opening and closing of the container doors) there should be no problems. Sleepers or paving slabs can also be used to help level the surface for the shipping container.

Hire or buy a shipping container

These examples apply whether hiring or buying your shipping container. We hope that the video and examples answer any questions about shipping container delivery that you have!