Dismaland, Banksys pop up Bemusement Park has unfortunately come to an end in Weston super Mare. The viral art show was a great success selling out every day for 5 weeks, bringing 150,000 visitors into the town and an estimated £20 million. This was an unexpected bonus for the towns hotels and restaurants.

dismaland logo

We are now able to tell the world that we were able to help Banksy by storing his merchandise in our high security self storage containers. Banksy’s team kept all the  “I AM AN IMBECILE” balloons, “Meaningless Rubber Wrist Bands” and  t shirts in our containers so they could easily restock Dismaland. We’re not sure if we met Banksy or not but like to think we did !



The attraction created a great atmosphere throughout the town and helped make the summer really memorable for the people of Weston super Mare.

Among the exhibits were a dilapidated fairy castle, a distorted mermaid and a pond of migrant-filled boats.

Banksy previously said many of the works required “audience participation”.

“A dead princess is only complete when surrounded by gawping crowds with their cameras out, or the opportunity to photograph yourself pulling an amazed expression when a killer whale leaps from a toilet,” he added.

“I guess you’d say it’s a theme park whose big theme is ‘theme parks should have bigger themes’.”