The festival season is once again here and while its not a personal pastime I enjoy I bet I could be called sad by my friends and family for marvelling at the uses of containers at upcoming events such as Glastonbury and the V festivals.

I could almost have a tick list of possible sittings, the web is awash with pictures and write ups of various ingenious use containers could there be pop up hotels where 20ft containers are linked and stacked together in blocks to make temporary hotel rooms for stars and there entourage.

40ft containers converted into swimming pools for the line ups to use while waiting for their sets to start but probably not for the general public  (might not want muddy festies in the pool).

Bars made from two containers joined together to make bigger spaces to serve ciders, lagers, stouts, wines and anything else cold and alcoholic.

Cafes again in containers joined together were you could get a full Monty breakfast, continental or a veggie breakfast if that’s your taste.

Smaller containers that serve as kitchen takeaways serving everything from pancakes to kebabs and Burgers to burritos.

small singular units converted with a window and door used as a public information box.

units used by the media to house broadcasting equipment from cameras to presenters to bring the experience to your home. The list could go on and each use would make me marvel at the use of the humble shipping container ingenious new use and the people that have had the idea to use it in that way.

if your going to a festival this year I would be interested to see what’s out there please feel free to send in the pictures (especially if its one of ours).