All our storage hire prices include a high security CISA padlock and 2 keys, we do not charge extra for this. The padlock is designed for use on our storage units and fits perfectly in our storage lockbox on the outside of your unit.

We ask that you look after your keys as due to the self-storage regulations we do not keep copies of any keys. If you do lose your keys then you will be charged the cost for a locksmith to remove the padlock along with the cost for a new padlock and set of keys.

Self-Storage Padlock

When you have finished with the hire of your self-storage unit we require the padlocks and 2 keys to be returned to the office. If the padlock is damaged or any keys are missing then you will be charged the cost to replace these.

For extra security most of our storage units are designed to have additional padlocks placed on the door levers. If you require additional padlocks on your unit you would have to provide these yourself.

Our video explains how to sercure your self-storage unit with our padlock and lockbox.