Busting the Condensation Myth

The thorny question of condensation is one of the areas where containers get a really bad rap.

When you’re ringing around getting information about the different self storage options available, you may get told that containers get condensation. If you store your things in a container, after a while they will get damp because of condensation. It’s a story we often hear, so here’s the truth about condensation and container storage.

Condensation does not need to be an issue in storage containers. Containers are designed to go to sea and remain watertight however rough the sea and whatever the weather. You can be sure that your container will not let water sitting in a depot however hard it rains.

If you put only dry things in your container, everything will stay perfectly dry. If you put wet clothes, garden furniture or a washing machine full of water in, you may experience condensation.

Condensation is caused by the warmth of the sun making water evaporate. When the container cools, the water can drip from the roof onto the contents below.

The answer to avoid condensation is simple; don’t put anything wet into your unit. As long as you make sure everything is dry when it goes in, everything will stay dry whilst it’s in there.

If storing damp items is unavoidable, we have measures to deal which condensation. Just ask us for some advice.

If containers can keep a consignment of televisions safe and dry on their journey over the high seas to here, they can keep your goods safe and dry whilst we ensure they remain secure.