More office space needed!

modified steel containers

Here at Container Team we’ve been thinking for a while that things were getting a bit cramped in our offices – and of course we have the best space solutions at our fingertips so it was a case of getting down to business and practicing what we preach! When it comes to cheap office space we have one of the best options around.

We’ve been in our old steel container office for a while now – and as the business has grown, we have needed more and more filing cabinets, photocopiers, computers – and desks to put them on! We’ve also grown the team over the last year and they all need chairs and somewhere to put their coffee cups (!) Seeing as it’s our 10th birthday this year, we thought it was as good as time as any to move into new offices and improve everyone’s working conditions.

We’ve been working in the conversion of a 20ft steel container into a bright and airy working space – have a look at the pictures…

modified steel containers

First decision is how big a container do we need? We worked out how many people we needed to cater for and what equipment we needed to house. Once those calculations have been made we can choose the right size container and begin the work to convert it.

containers for hire

We also need a trade desk and reception area for our Secure Sign and Store business, which serves tradesmen – plumbers, electricians, builders, fencing contractors, plasterers for instance – in the Weston-super-Mare area. We had to build made-to measure desking and fitted cupboards so that we maximised the available space.

The results are light and airy space with a really nice feel. We’ve even got full airconditioning and refrigeration! Our new sales guy, Dan, says he has space to think – steady on Dan! 😉

cheap offices in bristol area