It was a pleasure to speak to another one of our lovely customers today who was absolutely delighted at the service Container Team had provided.

Convenient storage required during house renovation

Mrs G was planning a major refurbishment of her house including a new kitchen and new flooring throughout the ground floor. This would mean that she would need all her furniture out of the way for at least a couple of months yet she wanted to be sure her things were safe and accessible. She hit upon the notion of containerised storage.

20ft Container on Mrs G's Drive

Mrs G felt that her furniture and belongings would be safer locked away securely in a storage container on her drive than in a storage facility. Additionally things could be wrapped and packed into the container at her leisure and she wouldn’t have to hire a van to transport them anywhere. Once inside the container she could put things where she wanted them so that the things she was likely to need were close to hand and, of course, when she subsequently realised she needed something, she only had to step outside her front door to get it.

Container Team provide a rapid service and secure solution

Once Mrs G knew what she wanted, she realised she wanted it in a hurry so she got on the phone and rang around some container companies. In her own words “Container Team beat the other container companies hands down on pricing” and “Phil was absolutely brilliant!” She came in to see us and a site survey was undertaken that day. When the unit was delivered  “the driver was a dream”. By her own admission it was a bit of a tricky space, but he placed the container exactly where she wanted it and “could not have been more helpful”.

Her project is nearing its end now and the container will be coming back into our depot next week. We all know that there is an awful lot of stress involved in house renovation so we are pleased that we have been able to ease that burden somewhat for one of our customers and, of course, we’d be delighted to do it for anyone else too.

Again, in Mrs G’s own words, Container Team provided a “, safe and convenient way of storing furniture during a major house renovation”

What more can I say??!!

Planning a renovation project and want the same peace of mind and convenience as Mrs G? Give us a call us on 01934 781028 for help and advice on hiring a storage container.