What size do I want ? will it fit where I want it ? can it be dropped in place ? what is the access like to get it there ? are there any overhead obstructions ? what is the ground like where I want it ? what will my container sit on and will it be level ? will my road be blocked by the delivery wagon ? can the delivery wagon manoeuvre ? is there a better time to deliver ?  All these questions need consideration before a container could be supplied.

Generally hauliers require a good solid surface (tarmac or concrete) to drive on and generally will not drive over grass or soil. They would prefer to drop the container parallel beside the wagon however in certain cases dependant on what lifting gear they have equipped on the lorry containers can be placed some distance from the wagon. On smaller container deliveries (10ft and below) an off road fork lift could be employed to get the box to the desired spot but above that size it becomes pretty much wagon dependant unless employing a separate crane to lift in to the spot but the costs of hiring a crane to do this can be quite high and generally would need the hire firm to survey first.

Wagons require space either side when offloading or loading for the legs to extend out for stability and can extend out between 3 and 4 feet depending on the size of the crane so tight lanes can often be a no go area due to the width restriction. The legs will need a good solid surface to sit on so that the weight can be distributed evenly. Sometimes it is possible to drop containers over a wall or fence but the factors to consider would be how high is the wall, how much is the drop over the other side are there any areal obstructions such as cable and branches can the Hiab operator see the site where the container is to be dropped.or will the job require a banksman to communicate with the crane operator.

Container sales and hire

Containers will need to sit on a good level base so that the doors align or they can warp out making it difficult to open or close. putting them on blocks under each corner casting with perhaps a wooden shim or two is the easiest way if the terrain is uneven.

We automatically send out a delivery questionnaire that asks for the relevant information, supplying pictures can often help us to ‘get a feel’ for the position and discussing with you for any further info required generally is all that we need. Should you require we offer a service to attend site to survey for you if you have any doubt.  We have had some very challenging delivery’s over the years but with the help of some professional hauliers and drivers with ‘can do attitudes’ it is a very rare occurrence a delivery fails after survey.

Please call the office for prices on surveys as geographically prices can change