Container or Shed?

Container or Shed? That’s a choice for a number of people, Schools and Businesses that need somewhere to store their items. Sometimes the shed is a cheaper option, so that is what is chosen, but is this a false economy?


 A container has quite a few advantages over a shed with security being the main one. A container is harder to break into especially if you use the Lockbox and Lock option on the container.

This is a very important point to bear in mind especially if there are valuable items you intend to store.

Other advantages are-

  • Better protection for the items stored inside. Containers are less likely to leak over time.
  • It’s a lot harder for your container to go up in smoke if the local vandals decide it would be fun to see it burn.
  • You can rent a container.  So if you’re not sure how long you need the storage you don’t have to pay outright for something you may need only for 6 months.
  • You can pick Containers up and move them if necessary.
  • The floor inside a container is a lot stronger than a shed – so your heavy new equipment will not one day disappear through the floor.

So next time you have to make that decision remember to think long and hard on it, otherwise your money could just as well be going up in smoke.