Are you a builder in the Bristol Area?

We’re a small business in Bristol, and we know that when you’re running your own business, whether you are a plumber, electrician, builder or in another trade, your time is precious. You may be doing the admin, the project management and also all the work on site.

The popularity of internet builder’s merchants and next day delivery services has helped with managing the supply chain, but what happens if you are working on one site when a delivery is due on another unmanned site? Waiting for a delivery involves wasting man hours, which may not be costed into the quote – end result? You’re not being paid for the hours you waste picking up and collecting raw materials from suppliers.

Builders in Weston-super-Mare

One solution that local tradesmen – builders, plumbers, electricians, IT & telephone engineers – in Bristol are using is Secure Sign and Store. You hire a storage container and arrange for all the deliveries to be sent there. Your packages will be signed for and kept in your secure storage unit, ready to be collected at a time suitable for you.  No hanging about waiting for a delivery service and you can do your job knowing that your materials are waiting for you when you need them.

Saving Money with Secure Storage

If this is a service you’d like to use, check that the operator offers storage units that are kept on a secure site. Our site offers builders and other tradesmen in the Bristol area peace of mind in that we run 24 hour security patrols at all times.

It’s also important to check that they are insured. Our price includes insurance of up to £10,000 for your contents so make sure anywhere you are thinking of storing your materials & equipment can say the same. Our Secure Sign and Store facility in Weston-super-Mare offers access 24 hours a day – that’s another important consideration as you will want to be able to access your private unit at a time that suits you, around your work.