Yes our storage unit doors are easy to open.

For all our small units (5, 6 and 10 foot) they are accessed via a standard door (the same as you have on the front door of your house).  Once you unlock the door you open the unit with the handle to gain entry to your unit.

Self Storage Door

For our larger units (20 and 40 foot) they have double cargo doors to give you more access to place your storage items into the unit. All our large units have 2 doors on the front but you can access the storage unit by using only 1 door (the right hand side door). To open the storage unit you will need to unlock and remove the padlock from the secure lockbox. On the front of the door will be 1 or 2 door levers depending on your storage unit. You simply lift the lever out of the catch and pull it towards you. This will then open the door.

They are easy to use but we have had customers who struggle to open the doors as they are usually opening the wrong door first, you need to open the right hand door to allow the left hand door to be opened.

Before you move in we will show you how to operate the doors and explain how easy they are to open, and below is a video showing the opening of a 20 foot container.

If you are struggling to open your door then pop into the office and one of our awesome team will come and help you.