Storage Tips – How to pack things away safely to avoid problems later.

I thought I’d put together a list of things to think about when packing things away for self storage. Even if you think things are only going to be stored short term, it’s worth storing things properly because we have all experienced how elastic timescales can sometimes be. This isn’t an exhaustive list and we have years of experience when it comes to packing self storage containers, so if you have any questions please just give us a call for some friendly advice.

  1. Firstly get together some good sturdy boxes and packing materials. You can use bubble wrap, but you can keep costs down by using old newspaper for example. Remember using same sizes boxes will making packing them into the container more efficient and will make it easier to move them around if you need to later.
  2. Get hold of some wardrobe boxes if you are going to store clothing.
  3. Wrap all your fragile or breakable items in bubble wrap or newspaper and don’t forget to write FRAGILE on the boxes you put them in.
  4. It’s also a good idea to wrap mirrors and pictures to protect the glass and frames.
  5. Electrical items such as TVs and stereos need be safely stored away in sturdy boxes with plenty of packaging too.
  6. As you pack items into boxes, label each box and make a list of its contents so that you will know where to find things if you discover you need them later. This list will also serve as a manifest for insurance purposes. Don’t forget that, at Container Team insurance is included in the price if you supply us with a manifest of your items.
  7. When packing things in boxes, put the heavier items on the bottom and the lighter things on top.
  8. Look after your books by storing them on their sides, not their spines.
  9. Don’t make boxes too heavy but be sure to fill a box to the top with packaging materials if necessary to prevent half full boxes collapsing when stacked.
  10. Don’t put anything wet into your container as this could cause problems with damp and mildew later. This means that you should make sure you defrost your fridges and freezers before packing them away otherwise you may face huge problems with mould or water damage.
  11. Washing machines and condensing tumble driers will also need to be emptied of any water as well as all hoses.
  12. All large soft furnishings such as sofa and mattresses should be wrapped in protective plastic covers.
  13. To save space sofas, but not sofa beds, can be stored on their ends. Look after your mattresses by storing them on their long ends.
  14. Again save space by dismantling any larger pieces of furniture that you can, beds, wardrobes etc. If you’ve kept your Ikea instructions, just use them in reverse! Be sure to keep all the fixings in labelled plastic tubs.
  15. When packing things into your container, try to keep the things you thing you may need nearer the front and leave aisles so that stacks of boxes are accessible.
  16. Don’t forget that you can also pack things away into the drawers in your furniture.
  17. To avoid nasty niffs, prop your fridge and freezer doors open.
  18. Don’t forget that you can’t store TOXIC or FLAMMABLE materials. This includes obvious things such as petrol and paint but don’t forget to empty the fuel tanks of things like mowers and strimmers too.

We’re always on hand for advice packing storage containers correctly, so if there is anything else you are unsure of, please just pick up the phone and give one of the team a call.